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To pursue our Corporate Philosophy and realize NEC Group’s Vision, we have defined the values important to the NEC Group, which are built on over 100 years' history of our company.

This is what we base our behaviours and individual activities on, as a guidance to better serve our customers and contribute to society.

Core Values

Actions driven by Core Values

Passion for Innovation

(Our motivation)

  • Explore and grasp the real essence of issues
  • Question the existing ways and develop new ways
  • Unite the intelligence and expertise around the world


(As an individual)

  • Act with speed
  • Work with integrity until completion
  • Challenge beyond own boundary


(As a team player)

  • Respect each individual
  • Listen and learn with open mind
  • Collaborate beyond organisational boundaries

Better Products, Better Services

(For our customers)

  • Think from a user’s point of view
  • Impress and inspire out customers
  • Continue the pursuit of “Global Best”