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Nec Careers

Equal Opportunities

We promote equal opportunities, encourage dialogue, treat our people fairly and celebrate differences as key to unlock the potential of our high performing teams. Our wide portfolio offer requires a variety of skills which are necessary to create leading edge and innovative products and services.

Nec Careers

Competitive Benefits

To attract the best employees, NEC always aims to offer all employees competitive benefits. Depending on location and position, we offer various benefits such as pension plan, private healthcare and subsidised canteen facilities.

Nec Careers

Learning and Development

NEC is committed to support the personal development of its employees. We encourage all employees to develop their skills in line with our continuously evolving business environment. We appreciate that professional development is a lifelong experience and can be achieved in many forms such as on the job training, professional qualifications, e-learning and ad-hoc courses.

Nec Careers

Work Life Balance

We encourage our employees to enjoy the benefits of a healthy work-life balance by offering a supportive and flexible environment.

Nec Careers

Global Opportunities

NEC is a global organisation where there are opportunities for employees to work on global projects as well as be part of international assignments. NEC Europe encourages internal mobility and all vacancies in the EMEA region are advertised here and are open for internal and external candidates.

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