NEC Italia S.p.A.

In Milan, Rome

NEC Italia S.p.A., a subsidiary of NEC Corporation, is one of the leading providers of network and communications technologies solutions/products for enterprises and organizations, both in the private and public sectors.

Founded on the 1st of April 2011, NEC Italia S.p.A. brings together two entities: NEC Unified Solutions, born in 2006 from the acquisition of a Philips division the Business Communication business unit, and NEC Italy Srl, active since 1990 with a wide range of services and innovative solutions in the fields of telecommunications, fixed and mobile networks, radio broadcasts and digital terrestrial television.

Nowadays, the main activities of NEC Italia S.p.A. include:

    Integrated telecommunications platforms and networks;
    cloud computing solutions for telecom operators;
    Server & Storage for IT solutions;
    SDN/NFV products and solutions;
    Solutions for Public Safety;
    A broad portfolio of professional displays, video projection and digital cinema;
    Energy Solutions (NEC Italy is the European Competence Centre of Energy solutions for the EMEA market).

NEC operates through sales structures both direct and indirect, providing customized solutions and supporting customers thanks to a team of consultants, software engineers, systems engineers, trainers and technical services which execute each project with care and professionalism


Our modern and well equipped offices are located just 10 minutes away from Linate Airport in Milan and 20 minutes away from Fiumicino Airport in Rome. They are also well connected with the city centre.


Time Flexibility: NEC Italia has a flexible 8 hours timetable, you can enter the office having a flexibility of more than one hour and compensate any delay within the same day.

Holiday Entitlement: NEC Italia belongs to the Italian National Contract (CCNL) “Commercio", that offers a generous holiday entitlement.

Agile Working: NEC Italia employees are allowed to use 2 days of remote working within the fiscal year.

Incentive Scheme: All NEC Italia employees are eligible for the incentive plan. Every half they receive goals and on the basis of their achievements the company will grant them a correspondent payout.

Insurance Scheme: NEC Italia employees, at the end of their probationary period, may decide to enroll with the complementary Accident & Health Insurance, which covers medical expenses in addition to the CCNL Commercio statutory insurance. This benefit is mostly provided by Company and it requires a small employee contribution. There is also the possibility to extend the insurance to the employee’s family

Maternity leave payments: NEC Italia pays the full salary to employees who are on statutory maternity leave, and it pays up to 50% of the salary to employees who are on the additional maternity leave (which usually is statutory paid up to 30% of the employee salary).