Russia & Ukraine

NEC Neva Communications Systems

In Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kiev

JSC "NEC Neva Communications Systems" – is a subsidiary of the Japanese NEC Corporation in Russia, a leader in the development of telecommunication solutions for mobile, fixed networks, multimedia networks of the new generation.

The activity of NEC in Russia began in the late seventies with participation in large-scale project on the organization of space communications Intelsat Dubna to ensure broadcasting at the Olympics-80.

During the Eighties NEC Russia implemented a number of significant projects for the country: construction of radio relay communication lines on the route Moscow – Yalta, telecommunications satellite organization Inmarsat in the cities of Nakhodka and Odessa, the organization of automatic long-distance communication in conjunction with Intelsat in Tashkent.

Winning the tender for the construction of the transportation network of St. Petersburg in 1997 and entering into long term contract with OJSC "Petersburg Telephone Network" was a landmark event for NEC in Russia. The company started with the production of digital switching systems NEAX 61, placing the first station for JSC "North-Western Telecom" in 1998.

In 2010, NEC Corporation has reorganized its two subsidiaries in Moscow and St. Petersburg in the form of merger of JSC "NEC Infocommunications" to JSC "NEC Neva Communications Systems", thereby creating a single window for customers and the basis for the expansion of cooperation with customers.

For thirty years, NEC Neva’s business portfolio has expanded significantly. Currently, along with telecommunications solutions it includes solutions in the field of public security, cloud computing, small cells, and others. The presence of the testing laboratory allows to carry out preliminary complex testing of proposed solutions, as well as operational analysis, simulation and debugging of emergency situations in the operation of the equipment.

Today the company covers all segments of the telecommunications market including:

- development of combined solutions in the field of IT and telecommunications E-government
- solutions of Femtocell using the technology of unlicensed mobile access UMA (Unlicensed Mobile Access)
- technology development of high-speed passive optical access GEPON/10GEPON
- next generation networks NGN and virtualization platforms of office, including platform "IP Centrex" and "Thin client".

Among the support services offered by JSC "NEC Neva Communications Systems" are:

- analysis and design of network structure
- software testing, verification, and integration of equipment
- commissioning and training of specialists.

The reliability of the company's solutions is confirmed by long experience of operating in different climatic conditions and relevant certificates of quality.

JSC "NEC Neva Communications Systems" management systems meet the requirements of GOST ISO 9001-2001.




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