NEC Deutschland GmbH

In Dusseldorf, Stuttgart

NEC Deutschland GmbH was founded in 1987 and has its registered office in Düsseldorf. NEC Deutschland distributes innovative products and solutions within the 3 main Business Units HPCE (High Performance Computing Europe), NWS (Network Solutions) and ES (Energy Services).

Network Solution contains Carrier Solutions in the telecommunications market, NEC is developing telecom infrastructures for its D-A-CH and Benelux operator Customers. The Carrier Solutions BU provides solutions from start to finish: access network, transmission network (microwave), small cell network (3G /4G/5G, FEMTO).

Furthermore we operate the Public & Safety area with the Face Recognition and Fingerprint System.

Energy Solution with Battery Storage Systems are also one of our main areas with huge capability for future development.

In HPCE business NEC has a proven track record not only as the world-leader in high-end vector computing, NEC SX vector supercomputer, but also as a company that can provide the right tool for every HPC-requirement from NEC LX-Series, which is based on industry-standard components, to the high-end vector SX-series.




NEC Laboratories Europe GmbH

In Heidelberg

Established in 1997, NEC Laboratories Europe (NLE) is located in Heidelberg, Germany. Research and development functions are integrated into the same organization in order to shorten the time to market of cutting-edge Information and Communication Technologies. Special emphasis is placed on solutions that meet the needs of NEC's European customers. NEC Laboratories Europe collaborates with NEC's global research organizations in Japan, China, Singapore, India and the United States, as well as with NEC’s worldwide business units.Research, Development and Standardization at NEC Laboratories Europe focus on four major areas:

- Data Science
- System Platforms for IoT and AI
- Security
- 5G Networks

Within these areas, NEC Laboratories Europe cooperates with many external partners from research, industry and public organizations in an open innovation environment. Technologies in fields such as digital health, lifeline and communication infrastructures, safer cities and public services that are created at the NEC Laboratories Europe enable the NEC Group to offer solutions to accelerate a better and safer society based on Information Technologies.




NEC Display Solutions Europe GmbH

In Munich

Our company name underlines our leading position in the display market and our role as total display-solutions company - NEC display solutions for more efficiency and individual productivity, for best return on investment (ROI) and investment protection.

Whatever your needs are, NEC Display Solutions has the right product. No other vendor today can offer such a comprehensive and solution oriented portfolio as NEC Display Solutions has today. NEC Display Solutions brings together experts in the industry and offers a single point of contact to provide total display solutions for a variety of vertical markets.

NEC Display Solutions Europe operates across Europe and reports directly into NEC Japanese HQ.



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