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Cloud Delivery & Infrastructure Engineer

Cloud Delivery & Infrastructure Engineer Grade  
  1. Role Purpose (overall purpose of the role)
As part of the Cloud Service Office team, you will contribute to the development to the delivery and deployment of NEC Cloud, SaaS and Smart Cities (IoT) projects and services for our clients worldwide.
This opportunity is a multi-facetted technical role, focus on development and deployment of innovative Cloud and IoT platforms and solutions. Our Cloud and IoT solutions are based on NEC’s emerging technologies and leverage on both, proprietary technology and open-source leading alternatives.
Often involved in modifying or adapting existing designs, as well as the evolution of current systems and solutions according to market and technological trends.
He/she will be part of the Delivery Team inside Service Office Team within CCBU with direct responsibility to collaborate with software developers, system operators and other IT staff members to manage code releases, crossing and merging the barriers that usually exist between software development, testing and operations teams, keeping existing networks in mind as they design, plan and test and with direct responsibility to configure deploy, and test all the Sw components to support several Cloud services and projects.
As a Cloud Delivery & Infrastructure Engineer it’s needed to have passion for technology, excellent communication skills and the ability to thrive in a fast-paced environment. He/she must have demonstrated experience in the development, operation and delivery of ICT solutions (preferably Cloud and IoT) and be able to resolve problems and improve operational processes by collaborating with the team (internal & external), colleagues, and 3rd Parties involved as part of the project Team.
  1. Key responsibilities/duties of the role (overall scope - describing the categories of resources controlled, overall results to be achieved, budgets, complexity and contacts, etc)
  • Main functions related to coding, scripting, and process re-engineering.
  • Participate in the process of strategic project planning meetings, providing guidance and expertise on system’s options, risk, and impact and costs vs benefits.
  • Create and share operational requirements and development forecasts to allow timely and accurate planning of projects.
  • Install and configure solutions, implement reusable components, translate technical requirements, assist with all stages of test data and environments, develop interface stubs and simulators and perform script maintenance and updates.
  • Build automated deployments by using configuration management tools.
  • Deploy new modules and upgrades and complete fixes within the different environments, including production.
  • Make modules ready for production, moving them according to specific procedures and documenting knowledge transfer.
  • Routine application maintenance tasks via strategy-building techniques.
  • Create requirements and procedures for implementing routine maintenance.
  • Troubleshooting existing information systems for errors and resolving them.
  • Give recommendations for enhancing system’s performance via gap analysis, identifying the most practical alternative solutions and assisting with the changes needed.
  • Design, deploy and test Cloud, SaaS and IoT solutions based on NEC’s emerging technologies and leveraging on both proprietary technology and open-source leading alternatives.
  • Help team members to improve their capacities implementing best industry practices and training low experience members.
  • Work closely with Project Managers, QA and Operation Team and other members of the Development Team to both develop detailed specification documents with clear project deliverables and timelines, and to ensure timely completion of deliverables.
  • Design target architectures for our cloud solutions.
  • Deployment and integration of NEC internal services in order to evaluate the target architecture and final product solution.
  • Participate in a small, experienced, energetic team on a rapid, agile development schedule.
  • Determine appropriate architecture, and other technical solutions, and make relevant recommendations to clients.
  • Communicate to the Manager with efficiency and accuracy any progress and/or delays.
  • Engage in outside-the-box thinking to provide high value-of-service to clients.
  • Be actively involved in and contribute regularly into the SDLC.
  • Alert colleagues regarding emerging technologies or applications and the opportunities to integrate them into operations and activities.
  1. Other requirements or features of the role
  • Ability and flexibility to adapt quickly to an existing, complex environment.
  • Ability to quickly learn new concepts and software is necessary.
  • Candidate should be a self-motivated, independent, detail oriented, responsible team-player and exhibit exceptional relationship management skills.
  • Passionate about building high-quality systems with software implementation best practices
  1. Experience
(type of experience rather than length)
  • 4-6 years of experience in the ICT field, specially related with deployments and configuration of Cloud Platforms & Infrastructure related services
  • Handling containers and orchestrations tools such as Docker, Kubernetes and Rancher.
  • Infrastructure and deployment automation: GOCD, Ansible, HELM, Terraform
  • Continuous integration, testing and deployment tools
  • Experience in a similar role (3-4 years experience minimum), including 2+ years in the delivery of services to be deployed in production 24/7 high traffic ICT environment
  • Understanding of IT and communications environments
  • Knowledge on platforms, applications and languages required
  • Knowledge on Linux and Windows OS.
  • Hands-on experience with multiple, diverse technologies and processing environments, including but not limited to Internet and cloud solutions, BigData and NoSQL (Mongo, Cassandra, …), ESB solutions, IoT (Internet of Things) technologies, M2M.
  • Use to deal with third party solutions and integrate them in a complex architecture.
  1. Education and/or  
  • Educated to degree level or equivalent preferred Computer Science /Telecommunication major.
  • Fluent in English and another European language.
  1. Professional Skills and Knowledge
(Technical expertise specific to this role)
  • Used to deal with production systems where performance and reliability is critical.
  • Your pronounced analytical skills put you in the position to grasp complex requirements and realise them in high-quality software through agile methods.
  • Knowledge of HELM, ANSIBLE, TERRAFORM and other Delivery related tools such as Source Control Tools, Continuous Integration tools, and Team Management tools.
  • BigData and/or NoSQL related technologies (Mongo, Cassandra). Installation and configuration.
  • Internet of Things and M2M
  • Experience with virtual infrastructure: Docker, Kubernetes, VMWare
  • Experience with GIT.
  • Experience with HELM for Kubernetes environments.
  • Continuous Integration tools.
Spain; Spain/Madrid
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