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3GPP RAN WG1 Standardisation Expert

The Product, Strategy and Innovation (“PSI”) Group responsibilities are diverse and wide-ranging:
  • 3GPP RAN1 (Radio Layer1 or Physical Layer) standardization tracking and influencing via attendance to the regular 3GPP RAN1 meetings; submission of Tdocs; and consultations with other delegates.
  • Idea generation leading to the origination of Tdocs as well as to the creation and management of IPR pertinent to RAN1 activities with special emphasis on the production of Standard Essential Patents (SEPs).
  • Internal consultancy services and guidance to the NECTML product implementation teams in the areas of RAN1 standardization developments and technology trends.
  • Involvement in the development and improvement of NECTML’s in-house Layer1 link-level simulator and system level simulator.
  • Validation of innovative RAN1-related ideas via link-level and system-level simulations.
  • Technology trends exploration and tracking via collaboration with external research bodies: Universities; sponsored PhD students; industrial fora; other NEC-Group companies; etc.
This position involves working at the forefront of wireless communications technology standardisation and research. You will have the opportunity to engage in and possibly lead the idea generation and standardization lifecycle depending on your personal skills and experience.

Key responsibilities
  • To participate in the 3GPP RAN1 front office function including attending 3GPP RAN1 meetings, preparation and presentation of Tdocs in RAN1 meetings; reporting on RAN1 meetings outcomes and direction.
  • To participate in the RAN1 back office function, specifically generating ideas relevant to the RAN1 trends and leading to the creation IPR pertinent to RAN1 and the production of Standard Essential Patents.
  • To act as a key technical authority for the Group, being proactive and striving after technical excellence and exceptional quality, taking the initiative in creating innovative ideas.
  • To validate the ideas and provide Tdocs supporting evidence by means of link-level and/or system-level simulations.
  • To provide consultancy services and guidance to the NECTML product implementation teams in the areas of RAN1 standardization developments and technology trends transfer of RAN1 knowledge to product development teams.
  • To collaborate with other Groups, in particular supporting the product development teams in matters related to standardization and technology trends.
  • To participate in the establishment and management of relationships with Universities and other research organizations in the EU with innovative ideas that could be applied to NECTML’s product portfolio.
  • To participate in the supervision of PhD students sponsored by NECTML, providing support and guidance in partnership with their academic supervisor and steering the direction or their research in line with NECTML’s products and features roadmap.
  • To co-lead the internal dissemination of future technology trends within NECTML and other NEC Group companies.
  • To create and maintain all necessary documentation for the projects assigned.
  • To follow the PSI Group’s life cycle and QA procedures.

Essential Experience and Knowledge:
  • Experience in 3GPP RAN1 standardization activities, ideally as a delegate.
  • Track record of idea generation and innovation in the wireless communications physical layer area, ideally supported by patents origination.
  • Expert knowledge of mobile telecommunications technologies, particularly LTE, LTE-A and emerging 5G NR as well as any other technologies related to base station design, especially Layer 1 and Layer 2; and MIMO.
  • Excellent English skills, both written and spoken.
Desirable Experience and Knowledge:
  • Involvement in link-level simulation.
  • Involvement in system-level simulation.
  • C++ and Python languages.
  • Version control and configuration management.
 Soft skills:
  • Self-motivated and self-starter.
  • Logical thinker with effective, analytical and problem-solving skills.
  • Excellent negotiation skills.
  • Strong work ethic demonstrating commitment to delivering deliverables, with awareness of implications on the overall projects and business.
  • Ability to work to tight deadlines.
  • Integrity and a commitment to quality.
  • Build co-operative working relationships internally and externally with WLNWD and any other project partners, ensuring trust between teams is built and fostered to the benefit of the working relationship. Focus being on the local team spirit.
  • Openness to cultural diversity.
Other Requirements / features of the role:
  • Office based, with regular long-haul overseas travel to the 3GPP RAN1 meetings, typically 6-8 times a year.
  • Interaction with research partner organization and other consortium members as required.

Educated to a degree level, preferably in the area of communications, electronics, or software engineering, physics or mathematics. M.Eng/MSc./PhD would be a plus.

Job function