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NEC Europe is a subsidiary of NEC Corporation, a leader in the integration of IT network technologies that benefit businesses and people around the world.
NEC built its initial presence in Europe in the early 1970s and now has a significant presence in the EMEA region, employing over 1,800 staff in more than 30 countries. NEC Europe is building upon its heritage and reputation for innovation and quality by providing its expertise, solutions and services to a broad range of customers, from telecom operators to enterprises and the public sector.

Cloud Solutions: NEC aims to create and provide cloud solutions and services that contribute not only to the field of IT and Networks but also societal, individual and corporate activities. By making use of our strengths, we are not only developing and offering a variety of services, but also providing the technology and knowhow which we have cultivated through establishing systems in our own company.
Enterprise Solutions: NEC solutions in this field allow clients to maximize flexibility, enhance productivity and improve customer satisfaction through fully integrated communication solutions.

NEC IT Solutions, the European IT services arm of NEC Corporation, is a provider of intelligent IT solutions designed to enhance business processes and empower technology customers within the public and private sectors. NEC IT Solutions engages directly with medium and large enterprises on a national and multinational basis, delivering customized solutions utilizing innovative IT, voice, data, mobile, video and networking technologies, from within NEC and from best-in-class industry vendors.

IT Platform Solutions: NEC IT Platform Solutions for the Enterprise business range from client and server integration to HW/System disaster recovery to Data Centres for our Enterprise and Small/ Medium Business customers.

Security: NEC offers a comprehensive set of integrated security solutions including multi-biometric identification, access gates, video surveillance and behaviour pattern analysis. NEC’s fingerprint and facial recognition solutions are recognized as the world’s fastest and most accurate biometric technologies for identification.

Femtocell: NEC's Femtocell is designed to provide exclusive UMTS coverage for home and SME users. The Femtocell connects to the operator's core mobile network over a secure broadband connection using a fully open standard interface. Femtocell provides the end user with a better customer experience than a Macro Node B network.

Transport Networks: Leveraging vast networking experience and end-to-end expertise, NEC empowers telecom operators to cost-effectively expand bandwidth capacity, diversify service offerings and enhance revenue potential.

High Performance Computing NEC also has significant expertise and proven track record in the Super computers business, where it provides a range of innovative technologies and solutions.

Broadcast solutions: NEC has a long history of providing innovative studio and transmission solutions for the broadcast community and is a global leader in digital broadcasting technology, with a comprehensive portfolio of innovative studio and transmission products for broadcasters worldwide.

Display Solutions: NEC’s portfolio includes LCD Desktop Displays, Public Displays, Projectors, Digital Cinema Projectors and LED Display Solutions for a range of diverse client needs.

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